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#1 Dream

4 Dec 2012


“The one thing that I want this Christmas, the one dream that I hope comes true…”

The Other Guys are excited to announce that they are entering the race for Christmas Number One 2012.

On Wednesday 5th December, The Other Guys, 12 students from the University of St Andrews, are releasing a single entitled ‘Christmas Gets Worse Every Year (feat. Oscar Foxley). The song is an original written for them by their good friend, the MOJO-nominated singer-songwriter, Oscar Foxley.

Over the past few years we feel the contest for Christmas Number One has consisted of X-Factor finalists and anti-X-Factor campaigns. This campaign is not one fuelled by negativity. Rather, we want to offer a positive alternative. We want to offer people a genuine, feel-good Christmas single that gets to the top of the charts on its own merit. Where have all those classic Christmas-themed singles been in the last few years? We want to offer something authentic in the true spirit of celebrating Christmas.

This campaign is not fuelled by any desire for monetary gain. Any profits made from the sale of single will go straight back into the Students’ Association Bursary Fund at St Andrews University. We feel passionately about giving back, and allowing others the same wonderful opportunities that we have been fortunate enough to experience.

However, none of this will be possible without your help.

It may seem an insurmountable task pitting 12 students against the might of the media. However, it really is a case of simple number crunching.

If every one of our 5,000 Facebook likes bought the single tomorrow it would chart immediately in the top 40. If every undergraduate student, 7,125 of them, in St Andrews bought our single tomorrow, it would chart immediately in the top 20.

Some of you may be thinking: why are they releasing their single so early in December?

As an obscure group of students from the East Coast of Fife, we can’t risk releasing our single, like the other big names of music on the 17th December. Instead, we are releasing it in the hope of a ‘snow-ball’ effect. Should we chart in the first week through initial sales from our loyal fans and fellow students, it will hopefully get radio play and into the public eye. This would in turn widen the reach of the song and campaign. We know we are being ambitious, but we’ve got nothing to lose by trying.

With your help, our Christmas dream could actually come true this year. Here’s how you can support the campaign:

  • Download the single on Amazon
  • Share the Video and Single with your friends via Facebook
  • Share the video and single via Twitter linking posts using the hashtag #1dream
  • Change your profile pictures to the campaign logo below


Join the #1dream campaign. Let’s take an unsigned, all-sung, non-commercial, original, musical, genuine song to the Christmas Number One spot.

With your help, this could be the best Christmas of all…